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Author: Gamuchirai Gono

Education for all: Community Solutions in Rural Communities

"Education for all children in Africa: the time is now." The resounding theme for this year’s Day of the African Child (DAC) underscores a critical human right. All children, regardless...

Author: Nokutenda Magama

Making A Positive Impact Through Nhanga

Nhanga is a feminist and intergenerational space for advocacy, leadership, mentorship and skills building. Rozaria Memorial Trust developed the Nhanga concept in 2017 to offer a safe space for girls...

Author: Hildah Mugaragumbo

How Child Marriage Affects Mental Health of Survivors

Mental health is a lived reality, but it is not taken seriously as a healthy priority in Africa due to some cultural beliefs. Many vulnerable girls who experienced teen pregnancies...

Author: Loveness Mudzuru

Launch of Feminist Vision to End Child Marriage in East Africa

Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT), the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) and Kings College London (King’s), partnership to advance gender equality in humanitarian action by bridging sectoral silos and the humanitarian-development peace...

Author: Melissa Ruvimbo Kubvoruno

Zunde raMambo: A Community Innovation for Food Security and Women’s Empowerment

Zunde raMambo (the King’s Granary) is a traditional social welfare system where a communal plot is farmed by the entire community for its food security. This initiative being revived in...

Author: Lorraine Mashizha

Magaya Football Team Lifts the RMT Mega Nhanga and 3rd Edition Girls Soccer Trophy.

Magaya lifted the Mega Nhanga and 3rd Edition  Girls Soccer Tournament this year. The team had a stronger reason to fight their way to the finals as a way of...