Social Protection and Support for OVCs

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Social Protection and Support for OVCs

HIV remains a defining issue in the world especially in the rural communities with a bigger of children living with pandemic.

Ever since the organization’s inception in 2007, RMT  through our Education and Counseling Centre has been working to provide social protection and support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), including Children Living with HIV (CLHIV). This has been done through providing them with an access to education and health services. More than 1000 children have been reached through these initiatives.

HIV remains a global issue which affects many children especially those living in rural communities. RMT prioritizes access to treatment through Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) and counseling services to CLHIV.

A number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in rural communities are not in school due to poverty and lack of economic assets that can be used to foster their education. Negative socio-cultural norms restrict children’s access to SRHR services and education.

RMT offers educational assistance to children in primary, secondary and tertiary level in education to ensure that they are autonomous beings who are empowered and able to defend their rights. RMT has noticed that issues of birth registration are of great of concern amongst the Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Failure to obtain birth registration documents affects children’s access to services and this renders them vulnerable to all forms of violence. As an intervention, RMT facilitate access to birth registration through working closely with guardians, traditional leaders, the Department of Social Development   and the Registrar General’s Office.

Social Protection and Support for OVCs
Social Protection and Support For OVCs