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Our History

Rozaria Memorial Trust was founded by Dr Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda in the year 2007, in memory of her late mother Mbuya Rozaria Marumisa-Dizha (1923 – 2006).

Today, Rozaria Marumisa-Dizha’s legacy is sustained through the leadership and hard work of her family and surviving children. The vision of starting Rozaria Memorial Trust was to honour the life lived by Mbuya Rozaria who after being married off as a young girl, dedicated her life to her family and the community she lived in.

She gracefully served her community and believed in hard work, philanthropy, promotion of good education and health and wellbeing by offering her kitchen as a safe space for girls and women living in the community a space for self-care, to relax from the heavy weight of unpaid care work often burdened on women in rural communities. In this same kitchen she raised her eleven (11) children, survived as a widow for 28 years and found solace in this tiny room utilising it as a hideout from the soldiers during the war period.

Mbuya Rozaria dedicated her life to caring for her community through active roles in the school development committees, women’s clubs and church committees. She utilised these platforms to give awareness to the plight of children, girls and women, who to date, often miss opportunities to access quality education, affordable and quality health care and skills to access economic opportunities due to limited resources allocated to rural setups.

Mbuya Rozaria was a woman extraordinaire whose life embodied the principles of caring, sharing and innovation. Despite the odds she invested in education for her children breaking the generational cycles of poverty. She remains a heroine, a role model and an inspiration in whose legacy continues to live on through Rozaria Memorial Trust.

Mbuya Rozaria
Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda