Fostering Girls SRHR And Leadership

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Fostering Girls SRHR and Leadership

Nhanga is a safe and intergenerational feminist space for girls’ empowerment

Our work focuses on promoting girls’ access to Sexual  Reproductive Health  Rights, Services and Information as well as promoting their leadership.  Girls and young women living in rural communities have limited access to services, thus, increases their risk to situations that renders them vulnerable to teenage pregnancies, child marriages and girls dropping out of school.

Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central Provinces have a high prevalence of child marriages continues to deny women and girls’ access to leadership. Pursuant to that, we, spearhead community programs that seek to promote girls’ and young women’s agency to fully claim their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. We value cultural innovations as interventions to foster girls leadership and their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights hence the use of the NHANGA methodology.

Nhanga is a cultural innovative, safe space for girls and young women that capacitate them through the use of a comprehensive Nhanga curriculum that encompasses issues on SRHR, leadership, strengthening cultural values through role play, dance, music, sport and entrepreneurship. It serves as an advocacy platform where knowledge is shared to shift and transform harmful cultural and societal norms, attitudes and practices as well as to promote access to human rights by girls and young women. Nhanga is a healing space and a space for learning and exchange of ideas. Through nhanga we are reaching out directly to at least 2,000 girls each year through the establishment of in school and community nhangas.  

Fostering Girls SRHR & Leadership
Fostering Girls SRHR & Leadership