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Unleashing Potential: Investing In Women and Children Today

Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT) is a non-profi­t making organisation based in Zimbabwe. We support girls’ and women living in rural communities through innovative initiatives that promote education, health and entrepreneurship. Our headquarters are located in Magaya Village of Murewa District, were we have Rozaria Memorial Trust Education and Counselling Centre. RMT invests in community activities in Mashonaland East and Central provinces, and actively engages in advocacy and policy influencing work at the national, regional and global levels.

Kids dancing - Rozaria Memorial Trust
Girls vana Tete - Rozaria Memorial Trust


The organisation was established in 2007 in memory of the late Mbuya Rozaria Marumisa-Dizha (1923 – 2006). She was an extraordinary community leader whose life embodied the principles of caring, sharing and innovation. Rozaria was married as a young girl; she raised her children during the war. She lived as a widow for 28 years and invested in providing an education for her children and the community, breaking the generational cycles of poverty. Mbuya Rozaria provided abundant love and care for her children who lived with mental health challenges and HIV. Despite the odds, she was an active community leader, who gave her time to her local church, women’s clubs and community development work. She believed in hard work, and her favourite saying was “life comes from the soil”, meaning it is through farming and hard work that one sustains their livelihood. She remains a heroine, a role model and an inspiration.


Our vision is, a world in which, women and children live in dignity; accessing equal opportunities and enjoying their rights.


To support initiatives that foster education, health and entrepreneurship for young people, especially girls in rural communities.


  1. We value community knowledge and innovation.
  2. We recognize the latent potential in every child and every person.
  3. We value families and communities as institutions of learning; these aspects make the foundation of a person, social security and essence of Ubuntu.
  4. We value working with others to maximize impact, through collaboration and multi-stakeholder engagement.
  5. We believe in resourcing from within, we value volunteers, people’s contributions and utilizing indigenous resources in what we do.
  6. We value the co-existence of people and nature; diversity is the essence of creation. We should be tolerant and understand that we live in a perfect imperfect world.